Part-time Volunteering

In the course of our first years on the farm, we have planted almost a thousand trees and plants, with the principal aim of creating a food forest for the benefit of birds, wild animals, insects and humans. We want not only to continue this project but to extend it to a full reforestation endeavor.

We have been struggling with time and resources from the beginning, being parents to a 6 year old daughter and now the new baby. We are so very close and yet, giant steps are needed to reach our goals.

That’s where you come in.

Over the years, we have shaped and reshaped our volunteer program around what our volunteers have fashioned it to be today. For that reason, our hands-on creative part-time volunteering program is one of the most awesome way to experience the life of the farm.

We are looking for a specifically dedicated breed of collaborators. We are in need of a few extra miles, of independent and proactive people, who are looking to make their mark somewhere in the world, to literally take our inspiring idea and making it a fabulous reality during the course of their stay. We need that push, we have been needing it for a while but have not been able to ask it properly, we have not been able to acknowledge our fragility. Now that we are able to accept that fragility brings beautiful people to us.

In exchange for 20-25 hours of work a week in our garden, yoga retreats or with any ongoing projects – we provide accommodations, a wholesome food basket and 2-3 guided yoga class every week.

Length of stay required : 

We ask for a minimum of 1 month stay because it takes time to accustom oneself and become the asset the farm needs.

Here you can find information about the cost of donations that help maintain the volunteering program:

Our program is Part-time volunteering and the rest of the time is free to enjoy the farm and Canoa’s surrounding.

We are currently building and growing a Food Forest and need help with general care of the trees and plants and also general care of the farm and Yoga projects and events.

We kindly ask a contribution of 7$/day/person to maintain the reforestation project which is the heart of our mission.

After 2 months, depending on compatibility and availability, you can become a member of the Finca Pinguino Farm’s staff, living at the farm without paying donations.

It includes :

  • Food: You can eat everything growing on the farm. We provide a full kitchen for your personal use. We will also provide a start-up food basket per week that includes: Eggs, quinoa or rice, dry beans, oats, sugar cane ‘sugar’, spices and oil. You can eat everything growing on the farm. We provide a full kitchen for your personal use. The nearest mini-market is in  the town of Canoa.
  • 2-3 yoga classes a week


The schedule is strict but fair for you with a long list of personal projects ideas.

We  usually work Monday – Friday 8:30am – 1pm

Volunteer activities and special projects may include:

  • Agriculture, building and maintenance of the farm
  • Reforestation and food forest care
  • Planting
  • Animal care (horses, chicken, cats and dogs)
  • General cleaning
  • Art
  • Community work
  • Compost making
  • Farm managing (when we are not there)
  • Revitalisation and care of the garden
  • Beautification of the farm (flower planting, murals, paintings)
  • Trail marking/bush bashing

We are not looking for volunteers, we are looking to add new members to our family.

We are not offering a Work experience, we are offering a second home!

And we will treat you as such!

Hope this is something your are looking for.

We are also actively looking for in-house yoga teacher volunteers (25 hours/week). If you are interested contact us by email, whatsapp or Instagram or Facebook.

If you like what you read so far but cannot travel at this time, please consider donating to our awesome project! You can literally plant a tree for the price of a cup of coffee!

Part-time volonteer application

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