The vision

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It’s all about those 3 principles: sustainability, healthy living and community. By building a Food Forest and Yoga community we hope to integrate those values in a long term project.

Finca Pinguino is an holistic yoga food forest located in the costal province of Manabi, Ecuador. Remotely niched overlooking the calm hills of the small village of Tabuchila, only 20 minutes from the nearest beach of Canoa, we are ideally located for those looking to escape from technology and rewire themselves with nature.

Our particular region of Ecuador hosts the tragically endangered dry-tropical climate, home to unique birds and wildlife that we are trying to feed and shelther with our food forest project.

We are constantly working towards a more efficient, sustainable and healthy way of living; using composting dry toilets, rainwater recollection, biodegradable soap and shampoo, practicing community interdependance, and buying or exchanging food and services with sister farms to minimize transportation.

Our mission is to protect our environment by micmicing nature as much as we can, repopulating its decimated forests with native trees and plants and provide our guests with a completely holistic experience within this sacred space we are blessed to live in.

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