The Pinguino Family


We’re an aspiring permaculture family of four living on a sustainable farm on top of a hill in Tabuchila, Ecuador.

We joined two of our passions, yoga and permaculture, and started this farm in 2014.



I’m a Yoga teacher, doing-her-very-best mom, former Flight attendant and now an online teacher. But also a huge nature addict.

I left Canada with a Master degree in business of tourism and a bachelor in business operation management.

After living almost two years abroad in Costa Rica, on a horse farm, surrounded with the rainforest and lots of amazing role models, I realized this is the life I wanted to live with my family. So here we are, ten years later, living the dream. It looks simple, but it’s so rewarding.


Real life is my school. I’m a citizen of the world. You’ll find me hidden in my Food Forest, harvesting fruits, pruning my trees but more than ever, sharing my passion for nature with every people I meet.

MIALI (also known as Lili):

Born in Banos, Ecuador, I’m a proud Ecuadorian, Canadian and Malagasy girl. I speak three languages – French, Spanish and English. My favourite past-time is to find a really big pond of mud and jump into it! I’m a jungle girl, a little monkey but I also really enjoyed learning maths, French, and Spanish. You’ll find me wandering around the farm planting trees, harvesting limes and hugs animals.

LUANA (also known as Lulu):

I’m the youngest Pinguino. Just learned how to walk and now nothing is stopping me. Good thing I have such a big playground to explore here at the farm. You’ll find me in the food forest trying to keep up with my big sister.

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