The Finca Pinguino family

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Borned in Banos, Ecuador, I am a proud Ecuadorian, Canadian and Malagasy girl. I speak almost three languages French, Spanish and some English. My favourite past-time is to find a really big pond of mud and jump into it! I’m a jungle girl, a little monkey but I also really enjoyed learning maths, French, Spanish. You will find me wandering around the farm planting trees, harvesting limes and hugs animals.
Yoga teacher, doing-her-very-best mom, former Flight attendant and nature addict, I left Canada with a Master degree in business of tourism and a bachelor in business operation management. After living almost 2 years abroad in Costa Rica, on a horse farm, surrounded with the rainforest and lots of amazing role models, I realized this is the life I wanted to live with my family. So here we are, 10 years later, living the dream. It looks simple, but it’s so rewarding.
Real life is my school. I’m Simon, citizen of the world. You will find me hidden in my Food Forest, harvesting fruits, pruning my trees but more than ever, sharing my passion for nature with every people I meet.